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A sound business recruitment process requires big picture thinking

When you’re looking for the right staff for your business, there’s more to it than just placing an ad and hoping the right candidates will respond, or hiring the first person who comes along through word of mouth. Job seekers and career hopefuls today spend as much time researching the businesses they aspire to work with as they do looking for who’s hiring. As a result, a sound business recruitment process requires big picture thinking. This means beginning with the candidate attraction process before moving into the recruitment and engagement phase.

At the Footprint Group we are passionate about helping businesses succeed by ensuring they have the right people in the right roles at the right time. Our proactive approach means we don’t wait for candidates to come to you based on a job ad.

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Attracting the right people starts by understanding what makes your business tick

Attracting the right people – both in terms of skills and cultural fit to your organisation - is critical to successful, long term and appropriate staffing decisions.

In order to attract the best people for your business it’s critical to understand what makes your business tick.From your vision and values through to your leadership style, team communication, and internal dynamics, as the leader you have the opportunity to set, define and mould your team and company culture. Understanding this culture and the dynamics of your business is critical to attracting and finding the right people to work within your organisation. Without this foundation you could set yourself up for disharmony that extends well beyond the new recruit.

The Footprint Group will work with you to gain a holistic understanding of your business.That way we can help you find candidateswho will be the perfect fit for your business. In all aspects of our HR service, we will always have your unique business culture in mind.


The best talent is checking you out too!

Recruiting staff can be daunting and time consuming without the right help. Make the wrong hiring choices and the costs to your business can be devastating.

A successful recruitment campaign begins with a quality recruitment process that engages the most relevant and efficient candidate attraction methodologies. The Footprint Group’s HR specialists can guide you in selecting the most effective and appropriate recruitment method for your recruitment campaign, and help you manage the process from beginning to end. From establishing position descriptions through to advertising, interviewing, assessing and hiring, we’re with you every step of the way.

Remember, quality candidates interview you too! So it’s vital that you are 100% clear on your organisation’s culture, vision and values as well as the role the candidate is being interviewed for before advertising the position and conducting the interview process.

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