Business protection & risk management

Are employees putting your business at risk?

Things don’t always go to plan when you run a business. And when things go wrong in the people management department, they can be very costly, not to mention damaging to your reputation, staff morale, workplace efficiency and ultimately your revenue, Risk management is paramount in all aspects of business and people management is no different. Are you meeting all of your legislative requirements when it comes to your people?

Common workplace issues that can lead to legal consequences without the appropriate risk management policies and procedures in place include:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Unlawful termination and redundancy
  • Failure to appropriately follow performance management protocols
  • Lack of understanding of the Fair Work Act, NES, Modern Award system and other applicable legislation and how this relates to your organisation
  • Engaging contractors who are actually employees

Are you dealing with an issue or potential legal dispute in your business right now? The Footprint Group can help. Call us and we can assist you every step of the way to ensure the cost to your business and reputation is minimised.

Prevention is better than the cure

Why wait for a fire to be raging before acting on it? In much the same way, rather than waiting for a problem to arise, we proactively plan and design tailored business protection and risk management policies for every stage of the Employment Lifecycle to minimise your risk. Should something go wrong, rest assured we always act quickly to prevent a problem from escalating.

Don’t wait for the Fair Work Commission to be on your doorstep before putting a risk management strategy in place. Contact us today and we will look after it for you.

A balanced approach to compliance & business efficiency

Getting the balance right between efficiency and compliance within your business is vital but not easy without the right help. The key when it comes to business protection and risk management is ensuring your business is sufficiently safeguarded so you don’t find yourself in hot water with the Fair Work Commission, while at the same time not getting bogged down in red tape.

Your dedicated Footprint Group HR Consultant can help by supporting you to meet your compliance obligations without needing to do the research and prepare HR documents yourself. That way you can continue to focus on running your business and generating revenue.

We will ensure that your business does not just have generic Policies and Procedures but tailored and relevant workplace documents.

For a proactive solution to business protection and risk management, Contact a Central Coast based HR Specialist today.

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The Footprint Group will be shortly launching a Mediation and Facilitation service for Businesses, Boards and Committees. please contact if you are interested in receiving more information.


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