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So, you’ve landed the perfect recruit for your business. This is by no means the time to take off your Human Resurce hat. To the contrary – when you lead a business, the people management hat never comes off.

Throughout the Employment Lifecycle people want to feel engaged, supported, valued and be given the opportunity to grow and develop professionally in order to reach their full potential. That’s the key to retaining quality staff.

At the Footprint Group, our unmatched knowledge, experience and proven HR expertise will add significant value to the bottom line of your business and your workplace culture when you choose to partner with us for your Human Resource needs.

Your dedicated Footprint Group HR Consultant can help with the following vital people management functions in your business:

  • Engage and Induct

    Working with us will ensure your new recruit is engaged and an effective, productive member of the team as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Performance Reviews

    We are experts in developing Employee Performance Reviews tailored to your organisation and will even manage the process for you, from system development and documentation to staff training.
  • Retaining Quality Staff

    We create and manage unique tailored staff retention strategies to ensure you avoid losing your top talent to another organisation.
  • Managing Staff Issues

    We offer highly effective and compliant strategies to manage under-performing and challenging staff before problems escalate.

Contact us at Footprint HR Central Coast to learn how we can help keep your team of people and business thriving.

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Coming soon -Mediation and Facilitation Service

The Footprint Group will be shortly launching a Mediation and Facilitation service for Businesses, Boards and Committees. please contact if you are interested in receiving more information.


Our seamless, integrated approach to HR consulting and recruitment ensures your business is: Fully compliant and protected against risk at all time. Learn more.