Our Mission

The Footprint Group is dedicated to offering people resource solutions to the business market with our core focus on providing seamless integrated HR consulting and recruitment for small and medium enterprises. Our mission is to work in partnership with our clients offering an integrated full service in addition to practical tools for all things people related in business.

Our knowledge, expertise and experience in people management, recruitment and HR compliance will add value to the bottom line of businesses and their internal processes, performance and efficiencies.

We will service both candidates and employers via our tailored consulting practises and products that will ensure their goals are achieved while protecting their best interests in ensuring compliance is always maintained.

Our systemised approach and eye for detail will ensure a consistency in service and complete compliance every step of the way.

The Footprint Group aims to be an enterprise that businesses and candidates associate with; proactive, reliable, honest, ethical, professional and innovative team that provide a tailored flexible service backed by a friendly and approachable nature. We aim to be your best ally in all things related to ‘people management’ and ‘recruitment’ for SME’s within the Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Sydney regions.

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Is indecision ruining your recruitment?

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Our seamless, integrated approach to HR consulting and recruitment ensures your business is: Fully compliant and protected against risk at all time. Learn more.