Helping people leaving your organisation make smooth transitions

Making the decision to make a staff member’s role redundant is difficult. It’s even more difficult to tell them the news, especially if they weren’t expecting it. What you can do to make things easier for your existing staff member is provide expert support to help them make the transition to a new workplace, role or even a new career. Not only is this service positive for you and the exiting staff member, but it will also speak volumes about you as a leader. And if there’s one thing we know about people, it’s that they talk. So you can be confident that word of your assistance in making the transition easier will spread beyond the confines of your organisation.

Footprint Group’s HR Outplacement Services consist of a comprehensive transitioning program, which works with the employee individually or with an affected group of employees to assist them with the process of moving on and into a new role. From the psychological aspects of being effected by a redundancy through to the practical skills required to look for a new job and find alternative employment, our Outplacement Solutions can be customised to meet individual needs within your organisation’s budget.

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Coming soon -Mediation and Facilitation Service

The Footprint Group will be shortly launching a Mediation and Facilitation service for Businesses, Boards and Committees. please contact matt@thefootprintgroup.com.au if you are interested in receiving more information.


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