Performance Reviews

An effective, tailored performance review process for your organisation

Regular, systematic and structured performance reviews form a critical part of your overall employee management strategy. Whether you have 1 employee or a team of 1000, your performance review process can be one of the most important strategies you undertake, not only for your staff, but also for you as a leader and your business as a whole.

A quality performance reviewis more than than just a tool to identify strengths and weaknesses in an individual staff member. Designed to be a two-way conversation, a quality performance review isalso a critical tool for keeping top talent engaged in your business, identifying and managing under-performing staff, identifying employee disengagement and concerns, and creating an ideal opportunity for discussions around:

  • Training and professional development needs
  • Areas for improvement
  • Career progression opportunities, and
  • Succession planning.

All Footprint Group HR Consultants are experts in developing Performance Review programs specifically tailored to an organisation. We can develop the entire system for you, from creating allthe associated documentation, and teaching your managers how to effectively conduct the performance review, to engaging staff in the system and guiding them on how to actively participate in the review process for maximum personal benefit.

Contact us to learn how we can help establish and manage an effective performance review process.

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