Permanent Recruitment

When it’s time to grow your team there’s a lot more to it than just placing an ad and hoping the right candidates will respond. When you engage our services, your Footprint Group Recruitment Specialist will find the ideal person for your organisation and the role you need to fill, in terms of skills, experience and cultural fit.

We offer three comprehensive recruitment packages suitable for permanent part-time, full-time, casual and fixed-term positions.


Traditional Service Recruitment Package

Our traditional service incorporates a complete beginning to end approach to the recruitment project. We begin by helping you clarify the role you need filled, including documenting the position description, identifying how the role is to be structured, and determining the essential and desirable requirements for a candidate.

We then move into attraction and engagement mode, which includes advertising, screening, interviewing, assessing, and reference checking.

Once the successful candidate has been selected and begins work with you, we provide you with post-placement support, which includes comprehensive, proactive HR guidance for the first three months your new employee is with your organisation. This ensures your new employee settles quickly into their new role to become a productive,revenue-generating team member in the shortest possible timeframe. A 6 month post placement guarentee   will also be provided as part of our Traditional Service recruitment Package.

For more information or contact Footprint Recruitment Central Coast to speak to one of our recruitment specialists.


Flat-Fee Solution

As is the case with our traditional recruitment service, our flat fee solution includes a comprehensive recruitment process from beginning to end, including advertising, screening, interviewing. So you are assured that the process of finding the right person for your team is detailed and geared for success. So you still get our complete expert recruitment service but with only a 3 month post placement service and guarentee. Think of this as the lite version,same service with less of the bells and whistles you may not need.

For more information or contact Footprint Recruitment Central Coast to speak to one of our recruitment specialists.




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Coming soon -Mediation and Facilitation Service

The Footprint Group will be shortly launching a Mediation and Facilitation service for Businesses, Boards and Committees. please contact if you are interested in receiving more information.


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