Termination, Resignation & Redundancy

Facilitating & coordinating the employee exit process with a focus on compliance

Are you holding onto people you can’t afford?

Do you need to exit a staff member from your business but you’re unsure about your rights?

Have you had someone resign and you’re not sure what to do next?

No matter what size your business, it is inevitable that people will exit your business at various times for a variety of reasons. Whether they resign, retire or have had their employment terminated, handling exits appropriately and in a compliant way protects your business and helps you manage the potential fall out with remaining team members. The ultimate goal is to minimise the impact and turnaround time to get things back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your Footprint Group HR consultant will help facilitate and coordinate the employee exit process, from managing the difficult conversations, through to preparing the documentation and ensuring compliance with current legislation. We will manage the exit strategy with a focuson compliance to ensure that your business is not at risk

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Coming soon -Mediation and Facilitation Service

The Footprint Group will be shortly launching a Mediation and Facilitation service for Businesses, Boards and Committees. please contact matt@thefootprintgroup.com.au if you are interested in receiving more information.


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