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The Pathway to Building Winning Teams

The Pathway to Building Winning Teams
Like most leaders and managers of teams, you have probably found yourself in a place where you had had success in building your team, you have found great people, you have kept great people.

Yet, at a certain point, things weren't all working as well as you liked with your employees.

Perhaps you realised your latest hire wasn't ideal, or you were getting attitude from one of the team, they just didn't seem to be doing what you expected, or you needed to exit someone but the thought of having to do that was less than comfortable.

The first thing you need to know is that it is totally normal, and there are always going to be points as you grow your business where things get a little wobbly in certain parts, despite the fact that you have other elements of your team running along seamlessly.

I don't need to tell you what you already know, and that is that you can't build a business that delivers you success and results (whatever they look like for you), without having a team behind you and not just any team a winning team.

You can absolutely have a profitable and measurably successful business without this team, but at what cost? You'll be working 60 + hours per week, you'll be missing the kids sporting games, you'll become distant from family and friends. You'll be tired, exhausted, possibly cranky, and probably unhealthy. It can be successful, but it's not sustainable.

How do I know? Yes, I've seen it with other businesses I've worked with, but I've also lived this reality.

I've built the business with the big team, I used to refer to this phase as 'building my empire' (naff I know but literally that was my mantra). And I built it. I made a decision to open a business and within 7 days had quit my job, rented premises, registered the business, had logos designed and stationary at the printer, written a full suite of policies, processes and templates ready to use and I was off!

Had my first client within a week, my first staff member within 2 months and within 12 months had outgrown the premises I was renting and moved into a bigger office to accommodate the growing team.

Over the next 6 years I built my empire. I moved office more times than I care to count, had a team of 10 + and ultimately purchased ridiculously massive commercial premises to cater for this expanding empire. We were successful by all 'normal' measures, had won Awards, were well respected, our faces on the sides of buses, in all the publications, and the business made plenty of money in revenue.

And then it all changed.

Like a perfect storm of all the things 1 big client cancelled a huge contract effective immediately (on Christmas eve!), the impact of the GFC finally caught up to regional Australia (no one was hiring staff), I had hit burnout, I was over invested and as a side bonus was going through a messy, messy divorce with a 1- and 5-year-old to look after.

Something had to change. I'd built the empire, built a great team but I hadn't built the right team for this business at this time. Too much was still reliant on me, it wasn't sustainable, and it absolutely wasn't scalable.

I had to make a change, so I did. If I did this all myself and worked all the hours, this could be way better for me right? Yes, yes it was, and that's what I did. My business had less revenue but so much more profit, for my family this was much 'better' in that I had less overheads and this was much more financially secure.

But I knew this was a short-term plan, again not sustainable and it absolutely had no sense of freedom.

During this time, I was on a mission to figure this out what is the secret sauce to true success for small to medium sized businesses when it came to building their teams. Without a team you have no freedom and no one wants to be trapped as a slave to their business.

The companies I was working with as an outsourced HR Manager were either getting it right or wrong or something in between, so where was the magic?

Over this time, through what I learnt, I have developed a really simple, yet powerful 6-part framework that encapsulates all of the important aspects of building an amazing team. All you need to build a team that drives your business performance and gives you freedom and a life, is covered in this framework. This is the pathway to building a winning team.

I call it the P.E.O.P.L.E Pathway.

It's the journey that every employee takes within your business and harnessing each of these steps of the pathway and getting them working for you, sets you up for build a strong and productive team and ultimately business.

This is the pathway other savvy and successful business owners are following inside Your People Powered Business membership and they're getting results. They're making better hiring decisions, they are onboarding effectively, engaging and retaining staff and making the appropriate exit decisions.

Their businesses are booming and providing for them the life they want.

To that end I have an invitation for you.

As a savvy business owner, leader or manager, I know you can easily follow this framework and implement best practice strategies and processes into your business to ensure you are building a team of employees which set your business up for success.

However, maybe you'd rather not go it alone, perhaps you'd like to have a technical expert at hand to answer your questions, or maybe you'd prefer to have a library of resources at your fingertips, so you never had to trawl the internet again looking for a template or sample document that fits the needs of your business.

That's where the Your People Powered Business Membership comes in, the doors for the membership are opening for a strictly limited time from the 24th to 30th March and I would love for you to join us.
It's time to build your winning team.

Find out more here >>> www.peoplepoweredbusiness.com.au
Author:Kristy-Lee Billett
About: Kristy-Lee has worked in the field of HR and recruitment since 1999. She holds undergraduate qualifications in Psychology, a Masters in Human Resource Management, is an Professional Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute.
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