Not for Profit Advisory

Members of volunteer Boards, Committees and those who act as individual Directors on behalf of associations and NFP's accept a high level of responsibility and ultimately liability for the strategic leadership, governance and risk management of the organisation.

Often the people who step up as volunteers in these capacities do with a desire to assist and support the organisation in whatever way they can, not because they have the prior experience in navigating corporate governance matters or providing strategic guidance within a business setting.

Further to that, the liability and fiduciary responsibilities which all members of a Board of Directors or a Management Committee accept when they take on their voluntary roles is often unknown, misunderstood or overwhelming to some individuals.

Our specialist Advisory Services work with Boards and Committees to assist them in navigating through their responsibilities, understand the risks and rewards involved in their involvement and put in place best practice governance strategies and associated tools and documents to protect them whilst effectively ensuring sustainability and growth of the organisation.

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Not for Profit Advisory

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