Episode 2 - Leading Through Crisis

Posted by Kristy-Lee Billett on 25 March 2020
Today I was going to bring you our Episode on Employee Engagement, however due to recent events I decided to park that episode to next week, and instead speak with you about what we're curre...
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Episode 1 - Hire The Right Person The First Time

Posted by Kristy-Lee Billett on 24 March 2020
Did you know that nearly 46% of new hires fail? Almost half! If you have ever been through a recruitment process for it only to end in disaster you will know the pain, frustration, cost and time as...
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Episode 0 - Hello and Welcome

Posted by Kristy-Lee Billett on 20 March 2020
Hello and welcome to the People Powered Business Podcast! I am so excited to be starting this podcast and really want to thank you for joining me and spending time with me on this Introducto...
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