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At The Footprint Group we don't think of ourselves as a traditional Recruitment or Employment Agency - we do things differently.

How are we different? Well we know that when you are looking for someone to join your team you are not just looking for qualifications and experience. You don't want to just place an ad and read resumes. You want personality, you want knowledge and you want someone that fits your culture and will be welcomed by your existing team, someone who might even be able to grow with your business.

Our recruitment process is designed get to know much more than just the role you are trying to fill. We want to know your business and help you find people that will help you reach your goals.

Pay As You Go Recruitment - Recruitment Redesigned

Will another Recruiter give you the option to pay by the hour for the work they complete, rather than charging you a lump sum no matter how much (or little) time they spend on finding you a great new employee?

We can!!!!!! Our new 'pay as you go Recruitment' service gives business a more affordable recruitment option and allows flexibility for clients to only commission parts of the recruitment process they need help with. We help you find great people and work with you to grow your team, your way.


You only pay for the work we do, by the hour. No % fee, no lump sum payment.


You get quality, experienced and qualified Consultants who understand local business and how to spot top talent - quickly.

Prefer a fixed cost option or the add on offerings that come with more traditional recruitment models? No problems! We still offer that as well the choice is yours.

Our Recruitment Packages

What's included in our Service Solutions:

  Flat Fee Pay As You Go


On site meeting at your office


Yes Yes
Refine or prepare position description


Yes Yes
Write and place online advertising


Yes Yes + cost

Database search

  Yes Yes

Targeted resume screening




Phone interviews


Yes Yes

Face-to-face / Skype interviews

  Yes Yes

Shortlisting of Candidates

  Yes Yes

Reference checks

  Yes Yes
Social media profile checks


Yes Yes

Testing and assessing

  Yes  Yes + cost
License, qualification and background checks


Yes + cost Yes + cost
Post placement support


Yes Yes
Post placement guarantee


3 months cost per month options available
Small Business Grant review and application


enquire Yes


Please contact us  to discuss our Recruitment Services and pricing options.

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