Finding Employees that will represent your Brand

Finding Employees that will represent your Brand
As business owners, leaders and managers we often spend a great deal of time and effort into our 'brand'. This includes our business brand, our personal brand and often in a wider capacity the brand of our industry and local business community. We put countless hours and huge amounts of money into building our brand, ensuring the image is right, the consistency is there and the marketability of the brand is as strong as it can be. We know our brand, and many of those leaders who re...
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Breaking News - National Minimum Wage increase confirmed

Breaking News - National Minimum Wage increase confirmed
Annual Wage Review Delivered Increases for all Award Based Employees. If your staff are covered by an of the Modern Awards, and paid at Award rates, the 1st of July marks pay increase time in accordance with the Annual Wage review conducted by Fair Work Australia and handed down 1 June 2018. From 1 July, the following key changes occur:

1)ALL Modern Award rates of pay will increase by 3.5%;
2)The National Minimum Wage increases to $719.20 per week or $18.93 per hour. An ...
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Does your Business conduct Performance Management?

An effective performance management system starts with the organisation's mission, vision, values and strategic goals. These are then converted into operational plans and workforce plans which then can be managed. As an organisation it is important to share the aims and objectives, provide information about performance results, seek comments and feedback from staff, get ideas and suggestions and make people feel a part of their organisation. Performance management systems can be an eff...
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Managing stress in your workplace

Managing stress in your workplace
Is there stress in your workplace??
A major issue that has become prominent within organisations around Australia and the world is workplace stress.Stress affects everyone at some stage of their lives and everyone reacts differently to it.People can experience stress when they are unable to cope with the pressures or demands upon them. Stress isn't a disease but if stress is excessive and goes on for a long period of time, it can lead to mental and physical ill health.
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Staff retention - What makes an employee want to leave

  A major issue that has become prominent in human resource departments is staff retention. Research shows that retention is still a top Human Resource priority. Staff retention seems to have a slightly different meaning to different people but it all comes down to one point keeping staff. What can employers do to keep their staff??? Off course it will depend on the size of the organisation and its budget as to what an employer can provide to help retain its employees. Below are s...
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