Reference Checks - Archaic or Essential?
4 November 2020
  How thoroughly and regularly do you do your background checks on applicants before you hire them? If you are sheepishly admitting to yourself that it's not as often or as thorough as...
Are Your Expectations Letting Your Down?
28 October 2020
  Do you ever find yourself with a song stuck in your head which transports you back in time? Like the Alanis Morrissette album I had on repeat over a weekend of painting in a previous pro...
The Pathway to Success with Your People
21 October 2020
    Like most leaders and managers of teams, you have probably found yourself in a place where you had had success in building your team, you have found great people, you have kept ...
Tackling Tough Conversations with Your Staff
14 October 2020

This might very well be one of the topics I most often get asked about, and see business owners, leaders and managers struggle with that dreaded feeling of having a tough conversation with a team ...
The Third Space
7 October 2020
  Have you ever had that feeling where you are running from one thing to another, busily moving between tasks, priorities, projects and all of the things business and life throws at you? Y...
Mastering Delegation
30 September 2020
  As a leader and manager, someone who employs people and is building a team, the ability to successfully delegate tasks, responsibilities and authority is, or will become, critical to you...

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