Celebrating 15 Years - Lessons on Leadership
7 April 2021
Recently I was reflecting on the fact that it has been 15 years since I quit my stable, well paid, leadership position with a multi national organisation to, within 7 days, set up my own business, ...
The Pathway to Building Winning Teams
17 March 2021
Like most leaders and managers of teams, you have probably found yourself in a place where you had had success in building your team, you have found great people, you have kept great people. Yet,...
Be courageous - prioritise self care to see your teams performance soar!
10 March 2021
Let me ask you a question. As the business owner, leader, manager, the head honcho, how important is 'self-care' to you? In fact, what does self-care even mean to you? Why am I asking y...
5 Sure Signs Your Employee Has Checked Out
3 March 2021
Ever been in a situation where you felt completely blindsided by an employee resigning? Perhaps you've been frustrated because they had ample opportunity to talk to you about whatever was goi...
Why avoiding difficult conversations is bad for business
24 February 2021
This is one of the topics I most often get asked about.
I see business owners, leaders and managers struggling with this one all the time: tackling difficult conversations with staff. Usually...
Create Robust KPIs To Boost Productivity
17 February 2021
"If it can not be measured it can not be managed" - Peter Drucker When was the last time you contemplated creating KPIs for your team? KPI's, Key Performance Indicators, Key Suc...

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