24 April 2019

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10 Workforce Trends Coming in 2019

by Kristy-Lee Billett
Undoubtedly the way we work is changing at a rapid rate. Largely this is with thanks to advancements in technology and the growth in the ability to leverage the likes of AI in the workplace which is creating efficiencies and opportunities to remove manual transactional tasks at a rapid rate, mean...

8 March 2019

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Why is outsourcing your HR function good for business?

by Kristy-Lee Billett
You've hit that point in business where you need a little more help, you need the team to step up, you need to spend less time putting out fires and being a counsellor. Perhaps you're noticing that the team isn't humming along quite like it used to, absenteeism has increased, or y...

6 March 2019

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Work Trials - Legal or not?

by Kristy-Lee Billett
As an employer or manager, it can often be difficult to determine an applicants exact practical skills simply by reading their resume and conducting an interview. All job seekers are determined to make the best impression they can at interview, and that will include how they answer questions a...

28 February 2019

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Are you a NSW Business Hiring Staff?

by Matt Heighway
  Here Are Some Financial Incentives you may not be aware of
Whether you are adding another new employee or finding your first, it can be a stressful and disruptive process and making the decision on when to do it can be a difficult one. Is there enough work? Do we have the spa...

24 September 2018

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Top 5 Questions to NOT ask a potential employee

by Kristy-Lee Billett
Given that the interview is still the primary selection tool used by employers, when you step back and think about it, you are making some fairly substantial decisions about the future of your business and your team based on a meeting which typically lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. That being...

10 Must Ask Interview Questions

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